March, 2021


Neuenstadt am Kocher / Berlin, Germany – March 11, 2021

HYIMPULSE, signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Berlin-based rideshare launch and deployment solutions provider, EXOLAUNCH, to provide the most advanced end-to-end launch services for small satellites with an emphasis on the European market. This agreement is a logical step that will enable two German companies to consolidate efforts to provide customized launch services to the smallsat industry. Under the agreement, HyImpulse gained a reliable and trusted partner with Exolaunch's flight-proven cutting-edge small satellite deployment technologies - CarboNIX and EXOpods, while Exolaunch added HyImpulse's innovative small launcher SL1 to its portfolio of launch vehicle offerings.


“Exolaunch has a range of great products and we are looking forward to developing a fully European rideshare launch service,” said Dr. Mario Kobald, CEO of HyImpulse.

“This strategic partnership combining HyImpulse's revolutionary small launcher with our deployment solutions and expertise in small satellite launches will place Europe at the forefront of independent and sustainable access to space”, said Jeanne Medvedeva, VP of Launch Services.

HYIMPULSE, a spinoff of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), is aimed at revolutionizing space transportation by developing a game-changing, three-stage smallsat launch vehicle (Small Launcher SL1) with hybrid rocket engines that transport satellites with a payload of up to 500 kg into a dedicated orbit. Developed by HyImpulse, hybrid rocket motors use cost-effective, human, and environmentally friendly propellants - paraffin and liquid oxygen - that also allow for safe and flexible operation of the launch service. The company recently successfully tested and qualified its 75kN flight motor which would be used multiple times in the modular architecture of SL1.

EXOLAUNCH, which was founded a decade ago as a spinoff of the Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin) and startup of excellence, provides turnkey solutions for launch and deployment of small satellites. Its flight heritage counts 12 successfully accomplished launch missions totaling 140 deployed small satellites and 60 more contracted satellites to be launched this year alone. The company fully manifests its missions for years ahead. Exolaunch's ecosystem of in-house innovated technologies includes the leading satellite deployment technologies - EXOpods cubesat deployers, CarboNIX microsat separation system, EXObox sequencers and EXOport adapters complemented by the most extensive environmental tests developed and conducted in Exolaunch's test facilities in Berlin. The company is permanently upscaling its palette of services ensuring the best-in-class launch solutions provided with German engineering and precision.


About HyImpulse

HyImpulse, is a NewSpace start-up from Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It is founded with the aim to revolutionize access to space. HyImpulse Small Launcher SL-1 is powered by HyImpulse's unique, green, and proprietary hybrid propulsion systems. This disruptive technology enables HyImpulse to offer launch services at a much lower cost, with a high launch cadence and with a high degree of safety and reliability.

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About Exolaunch

Exolaunch provides launch, in-space logistics and deployment services for the NewSpace. Its flight heritage includes the successful deployment of 140 small satellites into orbit (with 60+ satellites scheduled for flight in 2021) through its global network of launch vehicle providers. Exolaunch executes launch contracts for NewSpace leaders, the world's most innovative startups, research institutions, government organizations, and space agencies. The company manufactures flight-proven separation systems to deliver the best-in-class integration and deployment services for small satellites.

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