June, 2024

ESA Marketplace Awards Two Contracts to German constellr and Vyoma to Propel Innovation and Competitiveness and Enable Commercial Launch Missions with Exolaunch

Exolaunch will provide launch services for key environmental monitoring and space debris missions for two German commercial space companies under the ESA programme.

Image: © Exolaunch

Berlin, Germany — June 13, 2024 — Exolaunch, the Berlin-based global provider of launch mission management, integration, and deployment services, announced today that two German companies, constellr and Vyoma, have been awarded contracts under the European Space Agency's (ESA) Marketplace, part of the ScaleUp INVEST programme. The ESA Marketplace aims to accelerate the commercialization of space technologies and drive innovation in Europe, and is designed to support commercially driven pioneering space projects.

Under the terms of the newly awarded contracts, Exolaunch will facilitate the launches for two groundbreaking missions with Constellr and Vyoma. These contracts, enabled by the ESA Marketplace, underscore European commitment to fostering technological advancements and maintaining its competitive edge in the global space sector.

Dr. Olga Stelmakh-Drescher, chief policy, legal, and government relations officer at Exolaunch, emphasized the significance of this initiative: “We see an enormous value in the impact the ScaleUp programme creates for boosting the ties between the NewSpace companies through its dedicated ESA Marketplace. The programme not only fosters growth and scaling of European space actors, but also accelerates agile transformations in the European space industry shaping technology champions. We are grateful to the German Space Agency at DLR and ESA for fueling this partnership, thus promoting strong and competitive NewSpace market players for tomorrow's space economy.”

Dr. Gianluigi Baldesi, head of the ventures and financing office at ESA, said: “The Constellr and Vyoma, two alumni of the ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC), are missions in line with Europe’s goal to lead by example in the global transition towards a more sustainable future. Constellr’s EO for climate change technology and Vyoma’s Space Situational Awareness data and services are two exemplary solutions, which demonstrate the potential of European NewSpace companies in tackling the topic of sustainability. Their commercial partner Exolaunch is also well aligned to match their business needs, demonstrating a fruitful European partnership.”

Constellr, a key player in environmental monitoring, is set to launch its next-generation satellites with Exolaunch.

Marius Bierdel, chief technology officer at constellr, remarked: “We are delighted to have found a reliable and trustworthy business partner in Exolaunch to realize the launch and deployment service for our satellites. Being supported by the ESA ScaleUp Invest programme (ESA Marketplace) marks an important milestone as it will allow both companies to further scale their business and strengthen their relationship for future missions."

Vyoma, a company that leverages the provision of ground-based and soon, space-based data to empower scalable, automated satellite operations, will also benefit from Exolaunch’s proven expertise.

Dr. Luisa Buinhas, co-founder and chief programme officer at Vyoma, shared her enthusiasm: "We are very happy to have partnered up with Exolaunch in the frame of the ESA ScaleUp programme. The programme was invaluable in supporting Vyoma in bringing to space its first-generation surveillance technology and in contributing to a more sustainable future of the space ecosystem. As we grow our constellation, we are confident this partnership will grow stronger and mutually support the scaling efforts of the two companies."

Image: © Vyoma. From left to right: Christoph Bamann (COO), Dr. Luisa Buinhas (CPO) and Dr. Stefan Frey (CEO)

Exolaunch will undertake comprehensive tasks integral to the success of these missions, including the coordination of launch opportunities and providing critical technical guidance to satellite manufacturers.

Jeanne Allarie, chief commercial officer at Exolaunch, added: “Being part of the ESA Marketplace is a testament to our dedication to advancing space technologies and fostering innovation. We are honored to support constellr and Vyoma, whose missions are aligned with our vision of a sustainable and thriving space environment. This collaboration not only reinforces our leadership in the small satellite launch sector but also strengthens our commitment to contributing to Europe’s space commercialization efforts.”

Dr. Franziska Zeitler, head of the department of innovation and new markets, German Space Agency at DLR, said: “The ESA ScaleUp programme is designed to accelerate innovation and growth in the space sector. By offering crucial support and resources, we're enabling companies to advance space technology and achieve remarkable milestones. This is a good reason for the German Space Agency at DLR to invest from its contribution to the ESA ScaleUp programme in the promotion of NewSpace companies”.

Luca del Monte, head of commercialization at ESA, commented: “The ESA Marketplace is the fastest path for NewSpace companies to find commercial partnerships and accelerate their scale-up growth via launching new products and services and entering new markets. The two projects are an example of how the ESA Marketplace is benefiting cutting-edge companies of Europe across all market verticals, raising the competitiveness and commercial attractiveness of our industry.”

Elena Eyngorn, director of business development at Exolaunch, highlighted: "At Exolaunch, we are committed to bolstering the space industry, and the ESA ScaleUp programme is pivotal in enhancing the capabilities and innovation for German space. This initiative is vital for fostering technological advancements in Germany. We are particularly proud to facilitate the launches for constellr and Vyoma, whose missions represent significant strides in environmental monitoring and space situational awareness, respectively. By supporting these pioneering projects, ESA ScaleUp is contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future in space."

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