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Launch Hardware

We adapt and integrate your satellite to any launch vehicle via our range of space-proven and industry-leading microsatellite separation systems, cubesat deployers and launch adapters

Image of Carbonix


Microsatellite Separation System

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microsats flown

CarboNIX is a scalable shock-free separation system for microsats weighing between 10 and 500kg. It is available in 8'', 15'', 18.25'', 24'' and other custom diameter sizes. CarboNIX is also available in the novel Quadro format, a four-point configuration for microsatellites over 150kg.


Image of Quadro


Four-point microsatellite separation system

For satellites
weighing up to

300 KG

Quadro expands the capabilities of Exolaunch's microsatellite separation systems with a four-point offering tailored to satellites weighing up to 300 kg and flying on SpaceX Rideshare plates. Quadro was crowned the most innovative separation system in Europe by winning the Innovation in Space Award 2023 at the European Space Summit, celebrating its unique blend of flight-proven technology and cutting edge four-point design securing access to orbit for the next generation of microsatellite buses.

Image of EXOpod


Cubesat Deployer

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EXOpod is the most advanced cubesat deployment system on the market. It is available in 6U/8U, 12U and 16U sizes, which can be configured into smaller slots to accommodate cubesats of any size.

EXOpod Nova, the latest generation of the EXOpod line, is rapidly expanding what the cubesat design standard (CDS) is capable of — cubesats launching with Nova can now increase the volume of their lateral protrusions by 400% and their mass by 30%, enabling a wider and more powerful array of satellite designs and use cases.


Image of EXOtube


Universal modular adapter

Accommodates payloads on a unified structure from cubesats to smallsats up to

500 KG

Introducing the EXOtube universal modular adapter for rideshare missions. This launch vehicle-agnostic payload stack provides maximum flexibility to customers and simplifies mission execution for our launch partners.

EXOtube is an adaptive load-bearing structure for adaptation, integration and launch and deployment of the entire range of smallsats from cubesats to 500 kg microsats.

Image of EXOport


Multi-Satellite Adapter

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EXOports flown

EXOport adapters enable an entire smallsat cluster to be mounted on a single 15” or 24” ESPA or SpaceX Dispenser Ring port. EXOport is available in many configurations, allowing clusters to be assembled from a combination of microsats loaded onto CarboNIX 8''/ 15''/ 18.25''/ 24'' separation systems and cubesats loaded into EXOpod deployers.

Image of EXObox


Deployment Sequencer

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EXObox manages the deployment sequencing of large smallsat clusters. A single EXObox can control a group of up to 50 satellites. The device is galvanically isolated from the launch vehicle with its own internal power supply, allowing it to function fully autonomously once activated. EXObox supports a wide range of deploy signal parameters and can relay deployment hardware telemetry back to the launch vehicle.

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