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Every mission is unique. We listen to you and offer solutions that will enable the successful launch of your satellite. With precision, knowledge and expertise, we make the complex work of your specific campaign a simple and affordable experience. No stress.

Launch Services

Launch Opportunities

Rideshare Launch

Benefit from our regular and cost-efficient rideshare launch opportunities. In cooperation with world-leading launch vehicles, we offer you a wide array of launches to fit your needs and budget. We are ready to kick-off your project at any stage.

Launch Opportunities

Dedicated Launch

Launch on your terms! You define the launch schedule and orbit, and we will collaborate with our launch partners to execute a launch tailored exclusively to your mission needs.

Launch Opportunities

Constellation Launch

Are you looking into launching a satellite constellation and spreading it over multiple orbits and launches? We will support you with launch program planning and deploying your satellites into orbit to maintain steady coverage over your areas of interest.

Launch Opportunities

Exotic & Custom Orbits

Are you looking to launch a satellite to a custom orbit? Interested in a specific orbit in LEO/SSO or looking into MEO, GEO or beyond? We will arrange the deployment of your satellite into the custom orbit of your choice.

Mission Management


Launch Planning

Every mission is unique. We listen to you and offer solutions that will enable the successful launch of your satellite. With precision, knowledge and expertise, we make the complex work of your specific campaign a simple and affordable experience. No stress.


Mission Management

Next, we produce your event. We provide technical management of the satellite adaptation to a launch vehicle, interface control document development, mission analysis delivery, and launch schedule coordination.


Separation Systems

EXOpod deployers for cubesats and CarboNIX, the shock-free separation systems for microsatellites, are designed and produced by Exolaunch to support your mission needs. Later, we adapt the deployment systems to the launch vehicle to safely deliver your satellite into its target orbit.

Our Products


Deployment Sequencer

EXObox is essential for smallsat cluster launches. It is a unique, highly reliable and modular deployment sequencer to manage the deployment of up to 50 satellites with just one EXObox unit. It will precisely and safely separate small satellites into their target orbits.

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In this phase, we handle the complex legal and regulatory support documents that are required for launch. Your desk is now clean!


Environmental Testing

Our fully-fledged environmental testing services are tailored to the requirements of any launch vehicle, ensuring your satellite has made the grade. All of the tests are performed in Berlin, and you are offered our cleanroom for satellite checkouts.

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Our expertise in global logistics and experience with customs clearance allows us to process worldwide shipping of payloads and equipment in a safe, convenient and timely fashion. We will ensure your satellite reaches the launch site safely and without hassle.


Integration Services

When your satellite meets the launch vehicle. We will seamlessly integrate your satellite with the support hardware onto its launch vehicle.


The launch vehicle has left Earth. Shortly afterwards, we receive a positive signal that your satellite is in orbit and is ready to start changing the world.

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Qualification Tests

Qualification of your design based on the composed mechanical loads in order to meet the requirements of most common launch vehicles.

Launch Opportunities

Acceptance Tests

Test profiles tailored to a particular launch vehicle for the most gentle acceptance testing of the flight models.

Launch Opportunities

Our experience

Our expertise is built on years of hands-on testing in close collaboration with launch vehicle providers and numerous test campaigns for our hardware and for our customer's satellites.

Launch Opportunities

Test hardware

We provide our customers with testpods and other adapters to create a most realistic test environment, being the same as during the launch.


Kenya Space Agency Signs Launch Services Agreement with Exolaunch for Upcoming Satellite Mission Aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9

EXOlaunch image
September, 2022

This launch agreement enables new opportunity for Kenya's budding small satellite industry

Nara Space Announces Launch Agreements for SpaceX Falcon 9 via Exolaunch for Observer-1

EXOlaunch image
September, 2022

South Korea-based Nara Space has selected Exolaunch to send their first standard nanosatellite Observer-1 into orbit via Falcon 9 in 2023.

Turion Space and Exolaunch Announce Launch Agreement for DROID.001 Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9

EXOlaunch image
June, 2022

DROID of Turion Space will be placed into orbit via Exolaunch in less than a year

Exolaunch Preps for Biggest Launch Yet With SpaceX Transporter-5 Mission

EXOlaunch image
May, 2022

Exolaunch has successfully completed the payload integration campaign with Falcon 9 at Cape Canaveral, marking Transporter-5 as its fifth rideshare mission in the SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program.

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