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Your Launch Experience
is Our Priority

Your Launch
Experience is
Our Priority

Reach orbits without stress

We transform the complex task of your launch campaign into a seamless and affordable experience

  • Launch Planning

    Each and every mission is unique. Through our experience and expertise we listen to your needs, analyze your mission requirements and develop a tailored launch solution to ensure your satellites reach orbit without a hitch.

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  • Mission Management

    We oversee the full process of launch preparation, Interface Control Document (ICD) development, mission analysis and launch schedule coordination. We also provide full support to ensure you meet all legal, regulatory and insurance requirements.

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  • Testing

    Our comprehensive environmental testing services ensure your satellites meet the requirements of any of our partnered launch providers. All tests are conducted at our certified testing facility in Berlin. We also grant clients access to our in-house Berlin cleanroom for satellite checkouts.

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  • Transport

    Our expertise in global logistics and customs clearance enables us to safely and efficiently deliver payloads, launch hardware and ground support equipment to launch sites all over the globe.

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  • Integration

    We seamlessly integrate your satellite with its launch vehicle via our industry-leading deployment hardware.

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  • Launch

    The moment of truth. The launch vehicle leaves Earth and safely deploys your satellite into its target orbit – we soon receive confirmation your satellite is active and is ready to begin its mission.

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