The final push
to get you into orbit

Our cubesat deployers, microsatellite separation systems, deployment sequencers and adapters are at the forefront of the technology. Release your satellite into its final orbital destination with precision and the utmost reliability.




Cubesat Deployer

The EXOpod cubesat deployer is the most advanced cubesat deployment system on the market. EXOpod is available in 12U and 16U sizes, and can be configured with up to four independent slots. EXOpods have a number of features which expand the limits of the Cubesat Design Specification (CDS).




CarboNIX is a scalable separation system for microsatellites weighting from 10 up to 500 kg. CarboNIX uses shock-free technology to reduce the risk of damaging sensitive satellites optical payloads and electronic components. In addition, CarboNIX uses a unique spring pusher system.




The EXObox is a device for managing the deployment of clusters of up to 50 small satellites. It is an essential piece of technology for smallsat cluster launches to simplify the adaptation and separation of small satellites into their target orbits.




EXOport allows to accommodate multiple payloads on a single Falcon 9 ESPA port. It comes in various configurations and connects separation systems: CarboNIX for microsats and EXOpod for cubesats to Falcon 9 15” and 24” ESPA ports.


Test PODs

3U, 6U/8U, 12/16U test POD adapters

Test PODs allow performing the full mechanical qualification of the cubesats. They can be easily mounted on a shaker table and create a realistic environment, being the same as in the EXOpod deployers during the launch.

Our Customers


Turion Space and Exolaunch Announce Launch Agreement for DROID.001 Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9

EXOlaunch image
June, 2022

DROID of Turion Space will be placed into orbit via Exolaunch in less than a year

Exolaunch Preps for Biggest Launch Yet With SpaceX Transporter-5 Mission

EXOlaunch image
May, 2022

Exolaunch has successfully completed the payload integration campaign with Falcon 9 at Cape Canaveral, marking Transporter-5 as its fifth rideshare mission in the SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program.

Exolaunch is Ready to Launch on SpaceX's Transporter-4 Mission Surpassing the Milestone of 200 Satellites in Flight Heritage

EXOlaunch image
April, 2022

On its fourth rideshare mission with SpaceX the company successfully completed the launch campaign for 12 customer satellites from nine countries, including...

The University of Brasilia (UnB) Granted a Launch Contract to Exolaunch for the AlfaCrux Satellite

EXOlaunch image
March, 2022

The UnB-developed satellite will be sent into orbit by Exolaunch aboard SpaceX's Transporter-4 mission