December, 2023

Exolaunch Joins ESPI as its Newest Member

Image: Jeanne Allarie, Chief Commercial Officer at Exolaunch

The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is pleased to welcome Exolaunch as the newest member to the Institute and the first NewSpace member representing a vibrant and dynamic niche of the space ecosystem.

Exolaunch is a global leader in rideshare launch services and hardware for smallsats and the NewSpace industry. Exolaunch has successfully executed 24 missions aboard the most reliable launch vehicles and has delivered a streamlined launch experience and unrivalled flexibility in access to space for 359 satellites contracted by over 60 global smallsat leaders. Exolaunch’s deployment technologies champion precise release on orbit thanks to their simplicity and ease of use, combined with a flight-proven, launcher-agnostic design that has set multiple industry benchmarks for advanced innovation, low-shock separations as well as higher serviceable satellite volume and mass.

Founded as a spin-off of TU Berlin, Exolaunch grew from the desire to help launch university projects to space, turning into a fully independent and profitable launch services provider in under 10 years. After its first successful rideshare mission a decade ago, Exolaunch started developing its proprietary, launcher-agnostic satellite deployment technologies, championing more democratic access to space for the then-nascent NewSpace sector.

Exolaunch has become a key driver of the global launch services landscape and played a part in several milestones of the sector’s transformation: from the early days of commercial rideshare to manifesting customers on every mission in SpaceX’s landmark Transporter rideshare program.

Headquartered in Berlin, Exolaunch now boasts the fastest growing flight heritage in the market with over 350 satellites launched across 24 missions (as of December 2023). Today, Exolaunch works with every level of the space industry, supporting the world’s most innovative start-ups, research institutions, government organizations and space agencies with turnkey solutions and regular launch opportunities. The company engages extensively with its comprehensive customer portfolio, leveraging a unique insight to iterate on its user-friendly, cost-effective, and flight-proven solutions. As a member of the ESPI, Exolaunch will contribute this insight to help achieve a better representation of the NewSpace sector and its impact on the larger EU space community.

“Exolaunch is elated by the opportunity to join the distinguished European Space Policy Institute,” said Jeanne Allarie, Chief Commercial Officer at Exolaunch. “Exolaunch has established itself as a strong voice in the NewSpace sector by bringing together technologically complex smallsat clusters and in executing sophisticated missions. We look forward to contributing our unique insight to the ESPI multi-stakeholder dialogue driving an inclusive and balanced change“

For more information, please visit or reach out at [email protected]

About ESPI Membership

ESPI is funded and supported by its two founding members and its 20 regular members. The membership includes various institutions drawn from national agencies, international organisations, and private companies. Each member organisation holds a seat on the General Assembly, which is the governing body of ESPI.

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