1st February 2018

Launch site


11 satellites

  • 7 cubesats

  • 4 microsats

Main payload

Kanopus-V #3, 4


Technical University of Berlin, Spire Global, German Orbital Systems

Image of Exolaunch mission

Credit: roscosmos

Mission overview

Launching from Vostochny in Russia on February 1st in 2018, this rideshare mission successfully took-off at 02:07 UTC. The primary payload on this launch were the Kanopus-V #3, 4 satellites which are used for environmental monitoring, mapping, fire detection, agricultural planning, land use assessments, and urban planning.

For this mission, Exolaunch successfully arranged launch capacity, delivered mission and integration services and deployment solutions to 7 cubesats and 4 microsats to its customers from Europe and the USA.

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